Aged Care

My aged care experience started over 10 years ago when my late mother had to go into residential aged care. I learned that it was a complicated process that has only gotten more and more complicated. Therefore, I have undertaken specific aged care advice training and I am now an Accredited Aged Care ProfessionalTM. I now see aged care as a core advice area of my business.

Aged Care falls into two categories – Home Care Packages and Residential Care

The Australian Government pays for the bulk of aged care services in Australia through subsidies paid to aged care providers. This government assistance is provided by way of either a Home Care Package or through Residential Care.

Consumers may be asked to contribute to costs if they are financially able to do so. Help is available if people cannot afford to pay for care and accommodation costs. Consumers will never be denied access to care if they cannot afford to pay the fees.

The contributions that you may be asked to pay for care at home are a basic fee and perhaps an income tested care fee. The contributions that you may be asked to pay for care in a residential aged care facility are a basic fee and perhaps a means tested care fee. Some people will have their accommodation costs paid in full or in part by the government. You may be asked to pay an additional fee if a higher standard of accommodation is chosen or additional services such as hairdressing or pay TV in rooms is elected.

Getting financial advice from someone that is skilled and experienced in this field can make a big difference in outcomes. Talk to me about my unique free help offer as per the below. This free help offer nicely accomplishes my goal of providing prospective clients with a “Try Before You Buy” experience that is also provided with no-obligation to buy