Aged Care

My aged care financial advice experience started many years ago when my late mother had to go into residential aged care. I learned that getting someone admitted into aged care was a complicated process. I also gained a personal understanding of what people go thru during that process.

I became an Accredited Aged Care ProfessionalTM by undergoing extensive training. Since then, financial advice for people in or moving into aged care has been a core area of my advice business.

Getting financial advice from someone who is an Accredited Aged Care ProfessionalTM AND continually provides aged care financial advice will almost certainly make a big difference in financial outcomes.

Contact me for free help by phone. Part of my free help is my no-obligation "Try Before You Buy (Financial Advice)" offer. It is available to anyone anyplace in Australia.

Simply call. The free telephone will provide free Q & A help and a free multi-page calculation report. They should help you make more informed decisions. Your report will compare the expected results of your DIY scenario with the expected results of what I would likely recommend having learned about you and your intentions from our phone discussion.

Your calculation report will have calculation results like the below example. This example is based on a single person that has paid a $500,000 RAD in full leaving $300,000 invested in cash and TDs. Both scenarios have the same investment risk level: secure.

The below flow chart provides current basic information on accommodation and care fees. You may be asked to pay additional fees for a higher standard of accommodation or additional services (i.e. hairdressing, Foxtel, etc.).